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So today has been filled with waiting and more waiting, phone calls, then more waiting.  We are waiting for word that our house has closed. We are doing it long distance, WHICH IS BRUTAL ON THE NERVES. Just saying. It’s driving me crazy. 


on a different note I had to say goodbye to my YW yesterday. soo sad!  

We took the kids to the park this morning while trying to kill the waiting time.  

On a good note Judy (our realtor) did the walk through on the house and apparently it is beyond immaculate. Yay!

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Bubba and Breezy

So we are in the middle of church when Bubba decided he needed to sing, right at the quietest part of church (sacrament to some, communion to others). Yes he opened the hymnal then began to sing “my song, my song, my song, my song”  To quiet him was not happening, he just got louder. Sigh. He likes to sing apparently. 

Later he began laying his head on Breezy, who thought it was hysterical that he was “sleeping” on her.  She then directed him to lay his head on her lap. He quite contentedly closed his eyes while she gently tickled his neck.  Little tiny giggles ensued. “This is what we do at night.”  Totally cute. 

Breezy was having a hard time going to sleep tonight so we had to transfer her to another room. At least this little girl is one determined sucker.  I was given a Lucy doll (think I love Lucy) a while ago. I decided to give it to Breezy. Due to some arguments Lucy got placed out of reach… forgotten by most, but not by all.  While Breezy was in this other room she managed to plug in a lamp, move a table, climb through a bookshelf, up another bookshelf to get to the precious doll. We found her a bit later sound asleep, snuggled with the doll, with the light on. 

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Many people say terrorist come in different varieties. This is what it looks like in this house. 


Why is he a terrorist when he looks so cute and squishy?  Because of…Image

his desire to run at full speed into your ankles and run off laughing maniacally.  Even his dad runs for the hills when this kid starts running with his big truck. Needless to say I love it. 

Oh yeah, did I mention we are moving? The boys helped me take down the bunk beds. 



Packing with a toddler is always fun, but this kid takes the funness to new heights. He was sad, I don’t remember why but he refused to come and get a hug. he was sooooo mad at me he just stood there bouncing in anger…. Until his brother came along to give him a hug (I couldn’t help it, he was so stinking cute I was laughing at him). They stood like this for a LONG time. Then Bubba went with Spencer to go play wii. I love my kids


I found this on my ipad


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Let it begin/end


This week has been a crazy one for me.  Kevin was in Arizona over the weekend due to sweet Grandma Shirley passing away.  I didn’t know her well but what I did know of her she was incredibly quiet, generous and sweet.   I realized (again) how much of a rock Kevin is to me. It’s crazy realizing just his physical presence calms me.  So while he was gone? um yeah jittery. But he’s back so it’s all good.

This week has been filled with putting our lives into boxes.  I have both kids rooms down and the majority of our bedroom packed.  Most of the bonus room sans the electronics have been packed and the kitchen sans the immediate things being used is done.  Eep!

I think I’ve put all my emotions into a little corner of my brain so that I’m not a helpless little blob on the floor.  This is the first place that actually felt like home to me.  This house is where we came after Bubba was born, where Breezy and Bubba have both learned to talk and where my kids have developed their awesome little personalities. It’s weird to distinguish that from location. Somehow I’m working on it but I feel like I’ve gone all clinical and am handling it w/o emotions for the sake of the kids and more importantly to keep me functional.

Today we signed the papers to close on a house.  yay! Yes it’s our dream house and we never ever ever ever will leave it (hahaha famous last words no?)  We can’t establish electricity because of the power outages across the state but hey that doesn’t matter… yet.   The truck comes on Wednesday to get all of our stuff. That night we plan on washing all the carpets for my lovely brother/renter (you better take care of it) to move in.  The kids and I will take off for VA without Kevin on Thursday.  LOl we are planning on taking our clothes, food up there.  At least we will have water and heat for the stove and showers. Electricity will be a curious thing but fun. :-D

The beautiful people in the ward have been lovely from CB being our notary and KR bringing us dinner tomorrow. Amazingly supportive.  I didn’t realize I was going to need it. Guess I was wrong.

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4 year old

So all 4 year olds go through their terrible twos all over again. Breezy has decided to do this with flair.  Spencer came upstairs yesterday saying that she and Bubba were on the table. When I came downstairs, I wish I had a camera.  Bubba was dancing and singing using the paper towel holder as a microphone. Breezy, yeah Breezy was SWINGING ON THE CHANDELIER.  Yeah you heard me, swinging on the chandelier.  It was one of those moments that you have to hold in laughter to discipline. REally? swinging on the chandelier. I was actually mad at the time but very very shortly after I was laughing. She was punished by having to stay in her room all day long, which for my social butterfly was shear torture. She’s been very very good today. hahahaha

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And so it continues

The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s been an interesting trip, one which has made me be truly introspective.  Several months ago Kevin began interviewing for jobs.

Originally our thought was to stay here, in this house and Kevin get a job here at a local hospital.  Our change of attitude took different courses for the both of us. Mine was while driving one day I was thinking to myself “Hey this is going to be great! We can live in this house pay everything off…”  When, while I was driving I knew that we weren’t to stay here.  What?! Dang. Was my reaction.  This is how God works, and has worked in my life. I get impressions about things usually in pretty clear feelings and then I’m left to my own devises (with small moments of help when I need them) to carry out those feelings.  It usually takes us on some fun rides but that’s the way it works at least for our family.  Kevin’s attitude too a more logical/thought out approach to us not staying here in GA but his view changed as well.

This is when we began making a concerted effort to look for jobs available around the country.  We knew we wanted to stay in the South East but also realized that we wanted to at least be a bit closer to where we had some family available.  This meant Virginia.  We loved Virginia when we were there, maybe not so close to the traffic and congestion of DC but VA was definitely something we would love.   In looking for jobs we discovered 2 areas. The first was Lynchburg, VA.  My first reactions was “where?”  But we applied and Kevin got a job there.   The next place was Fredericksburg, close to DC but far enough away that it wasn’t super crowded.  The next job was to go to the interviews.  This was hard because during these interviews we would have to leave the kids, something we’d never done before.   In the interview in Lynchburg, I was impressed, way more than I thought I’d be, enough that my reaction to Suzan, my MIL, was “This is going to give Fredericksburg a run for it’s money.”  You see prior to the interviews Kevin and I had pretty much decided on Fredericksburg, it was a better job…  Well we went to the interview in Fredericksburg and loved it too. Because it was closer to family and the practice was awesome we decided that was the place to go. Now all we had to do was wait for responses from the practices.

While we were waiting we went to the temple (mormon temple). The next day we heard from Lynchburg, we got the job. Now to wait for Fredericksburg.  We got the call, no go.  So Lynchburg it was.  This seems pretty callous to put our whole future into words like that but there was a reason.  We knew it was either Lynchburg or Fredericksburg. We loved both places. We are people that we do all we can do then it’s in the Lord’s hands, he’ll provide the path we should follow.   Well we realized there was  a little bit more to that involved.   When I went up to tell the kids that we were going to be going to Lynchburg cheers erupted from Megan and Spencer’s mouths.  They knew we wanted Fredericksburg so I wanted to make sure they understood we were going to Lynchburg.  Spencer’s response floored me “MOm! that’s the one Megan and I have been praying for!  That’s the one where daddy doesn’t have to stay overnight at the hospital anymore!”   You always hear the phrase at church “the faith of a child’s prayer.”  This moment, for me was evidence of our Heavenly Father knowing us more than we knew ourselves and in turn answering the prayers of two little children.  We laughingly say that we’re going to Lynchburg now because of Megan and Spencer, which is totally true.

We’ve had to do some research, where do the best schools lie.  Which neighborhoods feed into those schools, are there any rentals in those neighborhoods… um yeah, apparently not. I spent 2 months looking repeatedly for possible rentals, possible areas. Guess what, there weren’t any, at all. Rentals would come up but they were in poor areas. Did you know that there are 6 colleges in Lynchburg and no family rentals? Tons of apts… with lot of college students, really not good for a family of 6 with young kids. Oh and they were in the bad school neighborhoods. Fun.  So the thought was to buy a cheap house in the schools we wanted. Well we found one, but then couldn’t pull the trigger on it because we got that feeling. The feeling that “NOpe not here” feeling. Back to the drawing board.  During the trip we did run across one house that would have been our dream home if we were looking for houses like that but we weren’t so we moved on.  But that house kept popping back up.  I don’t believe in coincidences. Never have.  The house came up for sale 2 days before we got there, even though the lady had been kinda sorta trying to sell it for a year. It was in the neighborhood that I wanted to live in, at the end of the culdesac.

Long story short we are going for that house.  Hopefully everything will work out ok. Fun thing is, if it doesn’t we’re ok with that too. Weird and yet comforting when you’ve done all that you can do, you know there’s nothing else you can do and that it’s all in God’s hands now.  It’s either one way or the other. WE’ll see what happens. WE’re supposed to close on July 9th. It’s a fun ride!

So here we are 2   1/2 weeks until move date and I’m trying to pack up the house and keep sanity at the same time.  It really hit me today the friends and the life we have lived and are leaving behind.  The journey will be interesting.  The kids and I are packing up on the 11th and going up to Lynchburg. Kevin is staying behind to study for his boards.  Not sure I’m ready for that.

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A lack of telling the story

Sorry about the derth of stories coming from my end. I ended up not blogging for a bit because I found that I would become emotional when writing and I’m a “if I’m emotional doing something, I won’t do it” person.  So yeah derth.

So to catch up some posts from FB then I’ll begin blogging again.


My son just discovered that he can reach the light switch from his crib. Fun


I have the coolest husband. When asked where he learned to sew “I sew on people all the time.” Well it works. :-D I think he’s tired of the quilt in the middle of the living room too. Hee hee
Photo: I have the coolest husband.  When asked where he learned to sew "I sew on people all the time."  Well it works.  :-D  I think he's tired of the quilt in the middle of the living room too. Hee hee


Bubba was playing with a random glue bottle today. He then stuck it up his nose and said “ooooooo niiiiiiiiccceee.” My reaction? ” aawww man you’re one of THOSE kids.” Sigh. I love my children. :-)


Ever tried to put together a paper that’s been shredded, when you haven’t seen the paper prior to being shredded? Um yeah so Megan made me a valentines day “puzzle” (torture). I actually have to put it together. At least Kevin’s on call and I’ve got nothing to do.


It is NEVER a good thing when your 18 month old comes up and says “I didn’t do anything.” Then runs off squealing with laugher. Yep he was up to trouble.


Heard this week at our house. “are the missionaries coming to dinner? Is Daddy coming to dinner.” yep Kevin is definitely on ICU this month.


My baby is trying to say sentences. It iscompletely adorable because he’s trying so hard he stutters. I I I I want muk. :-) Soooooooo cute!


Thisis what iget for leaving my planting stuff out. Sigh
Photo: Thisis what iget for leaving my planting stuff out. Sigh
Spencer just heard/saw a male pianist for the first time. He’s enthralled. Especially because the pianist play the Tron music as well as Mario Brothers. Spencer has already called dibbs on the piano for tomorrow. :-D Yay for good examples.
Photo: Teaching the kids
Photo: Working together on a worksheet
Photo: Telling knock knock jokes.


Watching my new cub scout outside helping his siblings. I love this kid. He’s so awesome.


“Mom can we have aunt Karyn’s cookies? Hers are actually good.” after attempting to make Karyn Bodell‘s cookies “Hon, we might just be that family that BUYS cookies.” harumph.. I blame it on the baking powder. I swear it’s dead. Now I’m on a mission to actually make a good cookie. harumph.

As promised my awesome new t-shirt
Photo: As promised my awesome new t-shirt
It is NEVER a good thing when your 23 month old comes up to you saying “I may mess!” holding the shampoo bottle. At least he fessed up. sigh. cleaning up the bathroom.
I love my son. “Mom, I didn’t know the titanic was like the scriptures.” “Spencer, how is the titanic like the scriptures?” “Well just like the bad king who didn’t think the God wasn’t stronger than him the people that built the titanic thought that God wasn’t stronger than them.” My kid has an old soul and is a deep thinker

Yes I know, I know, I don’t post things often here. It’s the whole logging in thing that  bugs me. Anyway tidbits I’m copying from FB for the benefit of those not of fb.


I went to go get Bubba up from a nap to find him covered like a ghost (this was after trying to get him up and him not having it) I laughed, picked him up, still wrapped as a ghost and he promptly fell asleep on my shoulder. Completely wrapped as a ghost. Crazy kid.


It’s never a good sign when you’re cooking dinner and your baby comes up to you sopping wet wanting to take his clothes off… With 3 tooth brushes in hand.

except said baby can reach no water EXCEPT the toilet. gag. Luckily I found the toilet closed and his sister also drenched with water and their cooking pots and pans filled with water. At least it was from the tap.


LOL what happens when you get a fun pkg in the mail then you turn around for a minute? a 1 year old and a 3 year that’s what. Which wouldn’t be so bad except they were having such a fun time jumping in the popcorn and breaking it up I was thinking “oh well I’ll just vacuum it up later….” only to remember after the deed is done that your vacuum is broken…. and the little super tiny pieces of Styrofoam are not only static clingy but they also make me sneeze uncontrollably.

Every time I tried to sweep up the popcorn it was like a pile of leaves. Bubba had to jump in it and make snow angels.


Just had to stop Bubba from sticking corn pops down his ear.

Breeze pulled out my strainer and is catching imaginary bugs with it. I love kids’ imaginations. :-D


Bubba has been running around getting into everything while I deep clean the kitchen. LOVE IT. Especially that he has no less than 20 different times come up to me, gave me a hug and said “I lo lu” then run off. Heavenly.

I was a stay at home mom today. Megan asked me to curl her hair… time? check! Spencer asked for hot oatmeal…. check… ride to school vs. bus…. check. :-D

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Happy Haulidays!!!

So Cronicle Books is doing a happy haulidays. You get to choose $500 worth of books and blog about them. :-D Here are the books I’m choosing. It’s pretty easy to see what we like. I like cooking, the kids like nonfiction, dinosaurs, 3D, and magic tricks. Happy Happy. Oh yeah if I win so does one of the people who comment on this post. :-D Also a charity of my choice would get $500. I’d choose my local library… seeing as how I’ve already built a wing with late fees.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Fire it up by By Andrew Schloss,and David Joachim

Sensational Small Plates from Spain
By Joyce Goldstein,Photographs by Leigh Beisch

The Country Cooking of Italy
By Colman Andrews Foreword by Mario Batali Photographs by Christopher Hirsheimer

The Story of Christmas
Text based on the King James Version – Illustrations by Pamela Dalton

Practice Makes Perfect: Sketching and Drawing
By Matt Pagett

Tartine Bread
By Chad Robertson,Photographs by Eric Wolfinger

Follow the Star
By Andy Mansfield

Giant Pop-Out Farm

MoMA String-Along Books

Sound Bingo
By Kindermusik

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
A Classic Illustrated Edition
By Lewis Carroll,Compiled by Cooper Edens

9Eric Carle Decorative Prints
By Eric Carle

Little Dino

Peter Pan
A Classic Illustrated Edition
Written by Sir J.M. Barrie,Compiled by Cooper Edens

Illustrated by Brigette Barrager

Twelve Dancing Princesses
Retold and illustrated by Brigette Barrager

My Lunch Box
50 Recipes to Take to School
By Hilary Shevlin Karmilowicz,Illustrated by Rebecca Bradley

3-D World Atlas and Tour
By Marie Javins

52 Cool Tricks for KidsRevised Edition
By Lynn Gordon,Illustrations by Susan Synarski,and Karen Johnson

Eye-Popping 3-D Bugs
Phantogram Bugs You Can Practically Touch!
By Barry Rothstein and Betsy Rothstein

Artful Accessories
Create your own headbands, barrettes, bags, belts, and other masterpieces!
By Sarah Parvis,and Janet Southwick

Little Bits Quilting Bee
20 Quilts Using Charm Squares, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and Fat Quarters
By Kathreen Ricketson Photographs by John Paul Illustrations by Robert Shugg

Moleskine® Cahier Pocket Plain – Red

Deep Dark Chocolate
Decadent Recipes for the Serious Chocolate Lover
By Sara Perry,Photographs by France Ruffenach

Happy Haulidays

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Going through an old folder

So I was going through an old email folder from Kevin and found something he had written about me for who knows what. I had to laugh because he knows me so well. :-D


I met Vanessa in November of 2000.  The first thing she said to me was “put that down!”  I was playing with her porcelain statue from Spain, and she is very protective of it.  So we got a rough start, but by January, we were spending every day together and were engaged by April.  We were married on August 10, 2001 in Mesa, Arizona.  You could say she swept me off my feet.  If you’re looking for endearing qualities about Vanessa, top on the list has to be her propensity for accidentally getting hurt.  She once fell down the stairs and sprained her ankle, twice, in the same day!  On our second date, we went to play tennis and she was struck by the ball despite her best efforts to avoid it.  She’s not clumsy, mind you, she’s actually very athletic, but there’s something to be said for just plain bad luck.  She was even on a horse one time getting riding lessons when the horse was spooked and took off running, she lost the reins and had to be saved by her instructor.  You could sit with her for hours, as I have, and listen as she tells you rib-splitting stories one after the other about her various injuries and mishaps.
She is a very complex person, often displaying character traits that at first glance seem to contradict each other, but come together to form who she is.  She’s the kind of girl who can display classic tom-boy tendencies with princess-like pageantry without any effort.  You can picture her putting on the most colorful, lacy dress, doing her hair perfectly, wearing the perfume, and then chasing the boys around in the dirt in front of her house, or climbing a tree.  It’s part of what makes her so wonderful.  She finished college when she was 20, leaving home at sixteen and moving clear across the country.  A person like that has to have an inner strength that can stand up to anything, but at the same time she is so sensitive to what others think and seeks validation.  She likes to take charge and let her opinion be known, but she also likes to defer to her husband at times, retreating, wanting to be taken care of.  It’s the tom-boy/princess version of her that co-exist and make a wonderful combination.
Vanessa is one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever met.  By that I mean she can take the smallest task and turn it into the event of the decade.  She always thinks big.  Small details are never a hindrance to her ultimate goal.  She doesn’t worry about them, and they often don’t get in her way.  She’ll make the big plan and she has an inner-belief that everything will take care of itself along the way to make her plan come to fruition, it amazes me.  So many people lack that kind of direction and purpose, but she possesses both with grace.
I could go on all day.  In a nutshell, Vanessa is one of a kind.  She has been a strength to her family in hard times, friend to so many, and a wonderful wife.
Some facts you may need for your paper:
She was born April 7, 1979 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Her mother is a retired schoolteacher (now homeschools a son and daughter, both in high school)
Her father attended University of Utah medical school, and is a practicing ear, nose and throat surgeon
She moved to Arizona in 2000 and her first job here was selling vacuums!
She once placed second in a regional piano competition.
Enjoys playing all sports, especially basketball
Enjoys camping
Spent three weeks in Hawaii with her aunt one summer
Is 1/4 Spanish and 1/2 Mexican
Favorite board game is Scrabble
Loves to draw and design (interior, exterior)
Is very active religiously
Loves plants and flowers, but has a black thumb (everything she plants ends up dying)
Is a very good problem solver
Is supporting her husband while he finishes college
Dreams of having a big family
Wears contact lenses
Every once in a while, absolutely has to eat Mexican Food
Hope this helps, email me with any specific questions, it’ll help me know exactly what you need.
Kevin Knight

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